SCLAD’s mission is to facilitate independent living, economical self-sufficiency and full community integration for persons with disabilities by providing and coordinating support services. These services can include generating employment and vocational opportunities, affordable barrier free housing and more.


To make available to individuals with disabilities of all ages, through programs and other community resources, the necessary tools to achieve the highest degree of independence possible within their natural environment, with their families and in their community.


SCLAD (Spinal Cord Living-Assistance Development, Inc.), a non-profit 501(c)3 Florida corporation, was formed in 1985 by a group of spinal cord injured friends. They had experienced first-hand the hardships and perils of rejoining the world without a support network that included an appropriate place to live and personal assistance for those who needed it.

The founders’ goal was to build and manage accessible, affordable housing, and coordinate individualized services for persons who, like them, had physical disabilities. They felt that proper accommodations and reliable personal care would make them free to become more engaged in their communities, and have a better chance of achieving independence and becoming self-sufficient.